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Sujok Therapy

Su Jok Therapy was developed by South Korean scientist Professor Park Jae Woo and is based on his original theories as well as principles of traditional Eastern medicine. In Korean, Su Jok literally translates into Hand and Foot (Su means a hand and Jok means a foot). Acupuncture points on the hands and feet correspond to body structure and organ location and constitute a body micro system. Su Jok stimulates these points using magnets and small acupuncture needles to bring rapid and sometimes instant relief pain in almost any part of the body.

On our hands and feet we host correspondence systems. The systems are highly active points connected to every area of the body through correspondence globules, positioned below the surface of the skin. When these globules are stimulated energy waves are passed to the corresponding organ and to the brain which in turn brings about curative energy waves.

Methods of stimulation besides mechanical pressure, include:
1. Miniature magnets designed both to give both mechanical and
magnetic force stimulation;
2. Moxibustion which are used to stimulate heat in the needle and
therefore create more stimulation to specific points.
3. Massage rollers to stimulate the hands and feet.
4. Miniature hand needles

Treatments £25 for 50 minutes  Offers on at the moment 3 treatments for £60