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 Holistic Treatments


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 offer a range of holistic treatments in and around
 Leicester to help you to restore health, energy and natural balance.

Reflexology - an ancient foot treatment working on reflexology points on the feet and hands. When correctly stimulated will bring about a stimulation along the reflex line and help to induce a feeling of well being. Can be used to help numerous conditions. 


Sacred Activation's are a powerful energy boost to clear out old and lower vibration memories, thoughts and emotions that are located in the cells of your body and within the subconsciousness. This treatment will very gently move you totally away from the negative thoughts programmes and patterns that no longer serve you and replace it for a better version of yourself.  It is wonderful for all areas of your life. 


Reiki - This treatment is very relaxing and helps to bring about a feeling of well being and corrects imbalances within the Physical, Mental and Emotional bodies. The therapist has been attuned to the natural energy of Reiki and the energy flows through the hands and opens up the blocked channels.

It is helpful for deep rooted or chronic problems


Theta Healing is a special methodology for changing our mental patterns and encourages us to let go of habitual tendencies which may be preventing positive transformations in our lives. Improves your potential and relationships with others.      Feeling a deeper contentment 


"I've just completed the Game of Life theta healing workshop with Libby Jelley.  I didn't realize just how personal and relevant the work would be.  Throughout the course you spend time clearing your own long held beliefs that no longer serve you.  This helps to free you up to progress with your life unencumbered by views that only served to hold you back.  Libby is an intuitive healer who's main aim is to encourage others to lead their lives without unnecessary blocks to their progress.  She is professional, kind and caring.  I'd recommend anyone to go for a theta healing session or attend a workshop with Libby - it will improve the quality of your life."

CH Leicester

Meridian Massage  A totally holistic massage similar to shiatsu working on acupuncture and acupressure meridian lines to restore balance in body and mind.


Natural face lift  treatment  No need for surgery with this technique. This ancient treatment has its roots from Japan and India. Not just a face lift but a natural holistic treatment enhancing well being and total relaxation.


Book 6 treatments and save up to 20%

Su Jok - is a unique and effective treatment.  It is a special Korean hand and foot therapy incorporating acupuncture needles and a variety of plant seeds to stimulate the acupuncture points.  It is novel in its approach and is a highly successful pain relieving treatment.  It is suitable for a wide range of physical and emotional conditions.


One to One Yoga/Pilates

One to One Yoga /Pilates sessions, Pregnancy One To Ones,  Yoga Therapy Sessions, Meditation.

60minute session £45

Lifestyle packages

Tailored packages all your health needs. It would be my pleasure to put together a package just for your needs.  POA
Nutrition advice Exercise
Holistic therapy

Benefits of holistic treatments and yoga/Pilates sessions

  • Improved digestion
  • Boosts circulation
  • Improves breathing
  • Boosts immune system
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • More energy
  • Joint care and improved mobility
  • Total relaxation
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Detoxification

"First time of reflexology for me, absolutely fantastic on all levels.  Libby is charming, informative, fun and very professional at the same time Thank You"
Ruth D

"I felt instant benefits and relief from my pain after only one treatment.  The treatment was quick and Libby made the experience very enjoyable, explaining each stage of the session.  I will be using this treatment again in the future and would recommend its benefits" HV Leicester

" I was suffering from discomfort in joints of my feet,hands and shoulder.  The treatment gave instant relief.  6 months from the treatment the discomfort has not returned and I enjoy an increased feeling of well being and improved sleep patterns" CW Syston

"Libby was really friendly and interactive with me explaining all my aches and pains.  I have had reflexology many times.  Libby is one of the best" NS

"What an uplifting time I had.  Libby was wonderful.  I feel totally blessed to have met her.  Thank you" Wendy S

"Wonderful reflexology - so chilled and blissed out.  Libby was a great therapist - session just flew by.  Everyone should do this treatment at least once.  You will not be disappointed"  Marian C

"Wonderful lovely therapist.  learn t a lot and feel fab" Sally T

"Best Reflexology I have ever had, Felt totally blissed out"  Victoria G

"Fantastic experience, very knowledgeable, very helpful and an excellent treatment.  Will be a regular with Libby " Jane H